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The Institute for Social-Ecological Research

ISOE is an independent institute that develops social-ecological concepts for sustainable development. As an innovative scientific think tank we undertake transdisciplinary research for society, policy makers and industry – providing support for sound decision-making processes. more


Maude Barlow as a guest at ISOE – Institute for Social-Ecological Research

[Translate to Englisch:] Maude Barlow - Blaue Zukunft

Maude Barlow, winner of the Alternative Nobel Prize, author, and water activist from Canada, introduced her new book “Blue Future: Protecting Water for People and the Planet Forever” at the ISOE – Institute for Social-Ecological Research in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.more


ISOE expands its regional focus in Africa: Joint project OPTIMASS

During the last years, a regional focus on Africa has emerged at ISOE with projects like CuveWaters, micle or SASSCAL. ISOE scientists were able to acquire a broad expertise with respect to sustainable development in Africa. Now a team from the research unit Water Resources and Land Use has started...more


Pioneering building project in Frankfurt am Main is using wastewater as a resource

[Translate to Englisch:] Spatenstich

In a district of the German city Frankfurt am Main, a new kind of passive house with 66 apartments and a daycare center is currently being built. The building will be incorporating forward-looking technologies of heat recovery from domestic wastewater. This will make the passive house even more...more


Free-floating car-sharing: positive assessment for electric vehicles

Car being charged

Users of free-floating car-sharing see electric vehicles as just as flexible and practical as conventional vehicles. In addition, electric vehicles are regarded as more environmentally-friendly and thus more attractive than conventional passenger cars. This is the finding of the first analyses...more


Future prospects of critical sociology - international conference in Frankfurt/Main, Germany

[Translate to Englisch:] Fernrohr

Where does critical sociology currently stand? What are the prospects, issues and tasks of critical sociology at the dawn of the 21st century? These are the focal questions of the international conference “Critical Sociology - Current Issues and Future Challenges” which was held by the ISOE –...more


Climate change and migration in the Sahel region

interviewing locals on the influence of climate-induced environmental factors on migration decisions in Linguère/Senegal

In the debate on climate change, the argument is often advanced that there will be a global increase in “climate refugees”. However, so far there is scant evidence for the link between climate change, environmental change, and migration. The MICLE research project, which is being funded by the...more


Pharmaceutical residues in waterways: How to properly dispose of drugs?

Pharmaceutical drugs

Waterways contaminated by the residue of pharmaceutical drugs are a global environmental problem. More than 150 different drugs have also been detected in almost all the waterways in Germany, including ground- and drinking water reservoirs. Trace contaminants from painkillers, antibiotics,...more

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