for sustainable development

Transdisciplinary Research

Our research contributes towards an understanding of social-ecological systems, an assessment of crisis situations and the creation of transformation processes for a sustainable development. With our research work we are focusing on the subject areas ‘water’, ‘energy’, and ‘mobility’. We examine in how far these topics are connected, how they are influenced by global developments such as urbanization, climate change, loss of biodiversity and demographic changes and, as an example, what that means for a sustainable modification of supply infrastructures.

A particular analytical perspective of ISOE consists of assessing in how far life styles are influencing sustainable consumption or how changes in behavior can reduce pollutants to be released into the environment. That way, at ISOE we are developing solutions for societal challenges of today and tomorrow.

Our research work is transdisciplinary. This means that we take the findings of the various disciplines and the experience and knowledge of stakeholders into consideration. Transdisciplinary methods suitable for these integration processes are continuously subject to further development.

Social ecology as the science of societal relations to nature provides the theoretical basis for our research projects.

Institutsbericht 2016

Institute report 2016
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