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Spiegelung von Gebäuden und Bäumen in einer Pfütze (© romeo ninov/EyeEm -

UN World Water Day 2023

How municipalities can accelerate the water transformation

The United Nations is proclaiming the motto “Accelerating Change” for World Water Day on 22 March. The message: because the pressure on drinking water reserves is increasing worldwide, the change...

In den untersuchten Gebieten ergaben schon geringe Anpassungen beim Verhältnis von Wald- und Wiesenflächen das für alle Beteiligten bestmögliche Landschaftsszenario – größere Veränderungen dagegen würden sich nachteilig auswirken. Foto: Peter Manning/Senckenberg

Biodiversity study shows conflict potential of land use concepts

Finding a 'happy medium' for the local stakeholders of rural landscapes

An international research team led by Dr. Margot Neyret of the Senckenberg Biodiversity and Climate Research Center in Frankfurt investigated how land in rural areas in Germany could be best used so...

Gelbe Paprika in Plastikfolie verpackt

Systemic Risks

Anthology: Living in the Plastic Age

Since their invention in the 19th century, plastics have revolutionized almost all areas of daily life due to their versatile properties. However, in the “plastic age”, mass consumption poses...

Nahaufnahme Quark-Proton, Elementarteilchen, Materie, intrinsische Eigenschaften, hyperdetailliert

ISOE Lecture with Karen O’Brien at the Goethe University Frankfurt

Quantum theory in sustainability research

The numerous global environmental crises of our time call for profound change. But how can we realize this change at the pace, scale and depth required? How can the necessary transformations be...

Mitglieder des NABU Regionalverbandes „Mittleres Mecklenburg“ e.V.  bei der Datenerhebung am DINA-Standort Riedensee


DINA study shows loss of insect diversity in nature reserves due to surrounding farmland

Insect decline is also progressing in German nature reserves. One reason for this is the intensification of agriculture. In a study recently published in the journal “Biodiversity and Conservation”, a...

ISOE Policy Brief

Knowledge transfer is the key to sustainable land use in Namibia 

The state of research on the complex and highly dynamic topics of sustainable development and nature conservation is subject to constant change and expansion from a diverse range of disciplines. A...

Salatanbau im Forschungsprojekt HypoWave

Water reuse in agriculture

HypoWave+ research project at IFAT 2022

The process of agricultural food production with recycled water, successfully developed in the HypoWave research project, is entering large-scale application for the first time. On a small scale, the...

Himmel mit Sonne und Wolken (Foto: Jose Ignacio Soto -

Energy transition

Heat pumps as a contribution to energy independence and climate protection: how their implementation can succeed

In order to achieve its climate goals and move towards more energy independence, the German government is planning a 100-billion-euro support package. In that context, the CO2 reduction targets for...

Gewächshäuser in der Region Andalusien, Spanien

UN World Water Day 2022

Groundwater – an invisible resource and (non-)visible problems

The United Nations has declared ‘Groundwater: Making the Invisible Visible’ its theme for World Water Day on 22 March 2022. This is because policies and decision-makers have paid little attention to...

Mikroplastik und größere Fragmente, aufgenommen am Strand von Famara in Lanzarote, Spanien (Foto: Carolin Völker)

Study on risk perception

Risks from microplastics – public perception not in line with scientific studies 

Microplastics and the possible risks for the environment are highly debated. However, whereas scientists still see many open questions and have yet to complete their risk assessment, the general...