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International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt am Main

IAA in times of social change: When the traffic transition steals the show from the leading trade fair

It was foreseeable that vehicles that did not comply with climate targets or nitrogen oxide limits would one day no longer be saleable . Nevertheless, automobile manufacturers have been reluctant to...

Dürre (Foto: estt/iStockphoto)

Water Risk Atlas shows water stress worldwide

“Water turnaround” as a countermeasure against supply bottlenecks

Almost a quarter of the world’s population lives in countries that face an extreme risk of drought. Among them, 17 countries are in a particularly criticalsituation. This is the conclusion presented...

Self-driving car technology (©fotohansel/Adobe Stock)

Study on user acceptance for autonomous mobility concepts

Robocabs: The mobility of the future?

Even if the technology has as yet only been tested in prototypes on test routes, autonomous driving will apparently be possible in the near future. How exactly do potential users envision such...

Traditioneller Haushalt im ländlichen Raum Nordnamibias (Bild: ISOE)

ISOE Policy Brief

Re-assessing droughts and their risks using Namibia and Angola as examples

Droughts threaten millions of people worldwide. Climate change is likely to exacerbate famines and water shortages and people in sub-Saharan Africa in particular are affected by the risk of more...

Research Group PlastX

Lecture series “Living in the Plastic Age” 

In the summer semester of 2019 the research group PlastX organizes the lecture series “Living in the Plastic Age: Perspectives from the Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences” at the...

Water in sink (©studioDG/Fotolia)

UN World Water Day on 22 March

“Water turnaround” is needed to ensure safe water supply worldwide

On 22 March, World Water Day, the United Nations proclaims the motto “Leave no one behind – water and sanitation for all”. The current UNESCO World Water Report shows how difficult it is to achieve...

In times of drought

Case studies show feasibility of water reuse in agriculture 

Extreme weather conditions such as prolonged periods of drought represent new challenges for agriculture. What is needed are water-saving irrigation technologies and plant productions that can operate...

Well-intentioned, but unsuitable: EU regulation on water reuse in agriculture

Competition for water resources between agriculture, industry and public water supply is increasing. In view of the increasing demand, a European regulation on the possibilities of water reuse in...

International ISOE-Summer School for young scientists

A sustainable creation of the future calls for the knowledge of many, including numerous scientific disciplines, but also the empirical knowledge of social actors. The transdisciplinary research...

Groundwater as a source of global nutrition

water crisis leads to bottlenecks in food production

Food security is high on the United Nations Agenda 2030. But can this sustainability goal – the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2 – be achieved? The future management of available groundwater...