for sustainable development

The Institute for Social-Ecological Research

ISOE is an independent institute that develops social-ecological concepts for sustainable development. As an innovative scientific think tank we undertake transdisciplinary research for society, policy makers and industry – providing support for sound decision-making processes. more


Knowledge communication for sustainable development

Research and science play a central role in shaping social change processes. Thus, the questions of what kind of knowledge is necessary to shape transformation processes and how this knowledge is transferred from research into society are gaining importance. These questions will be dealt with...more


Green Talents visit ISOE

[Translate to Englisch:] Green Talents

On October 26, 2018, ISOE – Institute for Social-Ecological Research will once again host the annual Green Talents Forum. Every year, the “Green Talents – International Forum for High Potentials in Sustainable Development” honours 25 young international scientists working in sustainability...more


Well-intentioned, but unsuitable: EU regulation on water reuse in agriculture

Irrigation in agriculture

Competition for water resources between agriculture, industry and public water supply is increasing. In view of the increasing demand, a European regulation on the possibilities of water reuse in agriculture is urgently needed. It is therefore logical that the EU Commission has drawn up a draft law...more


Social aspects of technical innovations: Example SEMIZENTRAL

Resource Recovery Center (RRC) in Qingdao

Innovative technologies can provide answers to pressing environmental problems. However, they can often only unfold their benefits if they are accompanied by new behaviours and changed planning and operating procedures. One example of this is the Resource Recovery Center, a major wastewater reuse...more


International ISOE-Summer School for young scientists

Brilliant Minds for Social-Ecological Transformations

A sustainable creation of the future calls for the knowledge of many, including numerous scientific disciplines, but also the empirical knowledge of social actors. The transdisciplinary research approach is considered particularly successful when it comes to bringing together scientific and...more


Sustainable management of savannah ecosystems: Brochure on results obtained by the OPTIMASS project

Cover OPTIMASS brochure

Savannahs and their vegetation offer an important livelihood for humans and animals. But the savannah ecosystem is under pressure. Soil conditions have deteriorated in Namibia and traditional grazing is something that has become difficult for many farmers. That is why the research project OPTIMASS...more


Planning security for municipalities: Forecasting future water demand

Water (symbol picture)

One of the tasks of municipalities is to guarantee reliable water supply. However, realistic planning is becoming increasingly difficult as water demand depends on various influencing factors such as demographic and climatic developments as well as changing economic structures, new water...more

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