Research Units – Places of ISOE’s Empirical Research

The shaping and advancement of our research takes place within our five Research Units. 

The Research Unit “Water and Land Use” deals with the question of how integrated management of water and land resources can be implemented under the complex interdependencies of societal and natural conditions.

In the Research Unit “Biodiversity and People”, we investigate the interaction between people and biodiversity. The resulting dynamics of biodiversity use and the patterns that exist in the relationships between ecosystems and people are at the center of this research. This includes the biodiversity awareness of actor groups, conflicting uses, and use and management strategies for a socio-ecological transformation.

In the Research Unit “Coupled Infrastructures”, our focus is on socio-ecological transformations of infrastructure and supply systems, as well as their interdependencies and interactions (e.g. co-transformations). We particularly examine on socio-technical innovations and transformation risks. 

In the Research Unit “Sustainable Society”, we investigate how sustainable lifestyles can be achieved in areas such as mobility, housing, nutrition, biodiversity or energy. Everyday practices and the satisfaction of basic needs are particularly relevant here.

In the Research Unit “Transdisciplinarity”, we develop theoretical-conceptual and methodological foundations that ensure high scientific quality and the desired societal impact of transdisciplinary research processes. We also advise and accompany research projects in the designing transdisciplinary cooperations and we support projects and institutions in the analysis their societal impact.