Sustainability Management at ISOE

Social responsibility and environmentally compatible behavior are part of the ISOE’s basic values and are therefore a core component of how we handle research, scientific teaching, communication and administration. In order to put these values into practice and achieve a continuous improvement process we are within the framework of our sustainability management developing topic related practice guidelines for handling resources as well as concepts for a socially acceptable work environment at the ISOE.

Temporary working groups consisting of experts from our research units and colleagues from administration are addressing the topics of water, energy, purchasing, environmental costs and controlling, hazardous working materials, the reduction of waste and emissions, mobility, environmental policy, health, work-life-balance as well as legal and operational questions. In the coming years, we are aiming to continuously enlarge and deepen the progress achieved in these topic areas.

The institute’s environmental team coordinates the implementation of these guidelines. The ISOE’s executive board and staff are supporting the environmental team with their tasks and are participating in the choice of topics as well as in the creation of expertises on the direct and indirect environmental effects of our actions.