Dr. Gesa Matthes

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Gesa Matthes has been a research scientist at ISOE since 2019 and works in the research unit Mobility and Urban Spaces. Before joining ISOE, she worked at the Institute for Transport Planning and Logistics at the Technical University of Hamburg, where she coordinated the transdisciplinary innovation group “UrbanRural SOLUTIONS”. Gesa Matthes received the Werner-Ernst-Prize 2016 for her doctoral thesis on the interactions between re-urbanisation and transport.

Focus of research 

  • Spatial structure, built environment and mobility
  • Relocation decisions 
  • Re-urbanisation 
  • Accessibility

Committees and professional associations

Member and Deputy Chair of the Bremen/Hamburg/Lower Saxony/Schleswig-Holstein Regional Working Group of the Academy for Spatial Research and Planning (ARL), member of the working group “Re-urbanisation – Myth or Reality Using the Example of Cities and Regions in Northwest Germany”.