Dr. Konrad Götz

Associate Research Scientist

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    Konrad Götz is a sociologist and has been a research scientist at ISOE since 1995. He is working in the research unit Mobility and Urban Spaces. Konrad Götz is an expert for the empirical study of social life and mobility research. His doctoral dissertation, presented at Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main, was published as “Leisure Time Mobility in Everyday Life – or Deposable Time, Timeout, Quality Time – Why We Need Our Leisure Time.” Before starting at ISOE he was research assistant at the Social Science Project Group, Munich, working in the area of “Humanizing the Working World” and worked as a market researcher at the Sinus Institute in Heidelberg.

    Focus of research

    • Mobility research
    • Empirical social research
    • Life style concepts


    • Member of the Advisory Board of the Heinrich Böll Foundation Hesse
    • Member of the Sustainability Dialogue of Mercedes-Benz AG
    • 2003–2018: Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the VCD
    • 2013–2020: Member of the Steering Committee of the Swiss National Research Program “Control Options for Final Energy Consumption” (NRP 71)
    • 2018–2020: Member of the working group Sustainable Consumption: German Committee Future Earth