Knowledge transfer

A central task of transdisciplinary sustainability research – which combines social relevance with scientific excellence – is the communication of research results. Within the framework of this knowledge transfer, we provide learning spaces in which we address these needs for knowledge with the help of suitable formats. This includes the recording of the actors’ needs for knowledge as well as imparting research results at the interfaces between science and society or science and politics and the for the dialogue with civil society, politics and business. Our understanding of knowledge transfer thus explicitly goes beyond a purely supply-oriented interpretation of the concept of transfer: for us, joint learning processes take centre stage in our work. Keywords such as “diversity and change of perspective”, “action orientation” and “appropriation of competence” characterize our transfer formats, which are based on current findings in learning and transformation research. These transfer formats include the transdisciplinary education project “Frankfurt Sustainability Laboratory for Schools”, the “DesignLabs for a Sustainable Frankfurt” as well as the format of the Learning Expeditions with the aim to impart knowledge to decision-makers and experts in the context of water supply and disposal.

Unsere Transferformate

Infokarten für eine vernetzte Stadt- und Infrastrukturplanung

Die Folgen des Klimawandels stellen Kommunen vor große Herausforderungen. Für die Anpassung an den Klimawandel ist daher eine vernetzte Stadt- und Infrastrukturplanung notwendig. Diese sollte nicht nur technische Lösungen im Wasserbereich berücksichtigen, sondern auch das Potenzial grüner und blauer Infrastrukturen nutzen. mehr


Sustainability Laboratory for Schools 

The Frankfurt Sustainability Laboratory for Schools is a transdisciplinary educational project in the fields of science, art and education. It addresses secondary school students with the aim of imparting knowledge and shaping skills for sustainable development. more


Societal innovations and as a result new forms of communication and cooperation are – besides technical innovations – indispensable for sustainable development. With our workshop format of DesignLabs we address all those who want to develop initial ideas up to the point of application for a social innovation on the basis of current scientific findings from sustainability research. more

Learning Expedition

The workshop format ‘Learning Expedition’ promotes the transfer of results from sustainability research into practice. It particularly addresses decision-makers and experts in municipalities and municipal companies. This kind of knowledge transfer is closely linked to successful learning processes. more


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