Sustainability Laboratory for Schools 

The Frankfurt Sustainability Laboratory for Schools is a transdisciplinary educational project in the fields of science, art and education. It addresses secondary school students with the aim of imparting knowledge and shaping skills for sustainable development. The steps understanding, evaluating, shaping are central elements of the Sustainability Laboratory: Starting from their own daily life, the complex challenges and problems of (non-)sustainable development are to be analysed and evaluated in order to subsequently develop alternatives for action. That way, the Sustainability Laboratory contributes to the global UN action program “Education for Sustainable Development” and to achieving the “Sustainable Development Goals”.

The topics and methods of the Sustainability Laboratory

  • are of high relevance for everyday life and are anchored in the individual environment of the learners,
  • have a high social significance for the present and the future,
  • tie in with and complement the curricula of secondary level II,
  • demonstrate the dimensions and complexity of unsustainable lifestyles and economic practices,
  • link ecological, social and economic aspects and illustrate their synergies and interactions,
  • enable transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary work at extracurricular learning places and research institutions,
  • show ways and strategies of sustainable development from local to global level and
  • provide options for action which learners can integrate directly into their everyday life.

Cooperation partner 

Umweltlernen in Frankfurt e.V. 

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Frankfurter Nachhaltigkeitslabor für Schulen. Ein transdisziplinäres Bildungsprojekt