Analysis of Job Prospects in Energy Saving Advice

In the project, ISOE analysed the potential benefits for the labour market arising from the Cariteam-Energiesparservice (energy-saving service).

Research approach

The project team examined the post-qualification job opportunities for service advisors. For this they interviewed several advisors about their job histories. In addition they evaluated participant data such as gender, age, school-leaving qualification, and job status following the scheme. Scientists also surveyed experts to find out where they saw potential professional openings for the participants.

In further modules of the project, the ifeu institute analysed heating costs in ALG II (Unemployment Benefit II) households and looked at regulations designed to allow appropriate reimbursement of heating costs to recipients of unemployment benefit and income support. 

Furthermore, a guideline was drawn up to help municipalities implement similar advisory projects on how to save energy.


The "Cariteam-Energiesparservice" provided by Caritas Frankfurt e.V. trains the long-term unemployed as "advisors for energy- and water-saving technology". They advise low-income households (on ALG II and income support) free of charge in Frankfurt am Main and install minor economic devices such as low-energy light bulbs or connector strips. In the previous Cariteam-Projekt, ISOE evaluated the "Cariteam-Energiesparservice" itself, giving it a very positive rating.

Project partner

ifeu – Institut für Energie- und Umweltforschung Heidelberg GmbH (Lead)

Practice partners

Caritasverband Frankfurt a. M.


Hans-Böckler-Foundation and Federal Environment Ministry (BMU)


2009/02 – 2010/10

Contact person

 +49 69 7076919-19

Project team