INVENT - Sustainable Management in the Tourism Sector

The INVENT project was dedicated to the development of innovative travel offers that promote sustainable tourism and slot easily into the mass- and high-volume markets. 

Research approach

In order to establish the preferences and wishes of holidaymakers in connection with innovative tourism, ISOE carried out an empirical study on their underlying motives. A pre-phase with in-depth interviews followed by a representative survey with 2,000 respondents formed the basis for developing a target group model. 

The results of the empirical surveys formed the platform for preparing a marketing concept and positioning new offerings.

On behalf of its business partners DB Reise & Touristik AG and AMEROPA-Reisen GmbH, ISOE subsequently drew up a target group typology of holidaymakers for whom the innovative and sustainable offerings seemed a feasible option. This formed the basis for designing marketable products and marketing materials. The latter were then tested by the team, using methods taken from qualitative market and social research, before being included in the respective product portfolios of the business partners concerned. Öko-Institut calculated the carbon footprint of different holidaymaker types, which highlighted the potential savings to be made in mass-market travel offerings.

Project partners

Öko.Institut e.V., Freiburg (Lead)
Universität Lüneburg, Lehrstuhl Tourismusmanagement

Practice Partners

DB Reise & Touristik AG
Deutscher Reisebüro und Reiseveranstalter Verband (DRV)


Federal Ministry for Educatin and Research (BMBF)


2002/06 – 2005/10