Actor survey on the regional energy concept FrankfurtRhineMain

The process of creating a regional energy concept by the City of Frankfurt am Main and the FrankfurtRhineMain regional association is to be continued and expanded. To this end, ISOE questioned the actors from institutions, companies and civil society associations who have so far been involved in order to obtain information for further proceedings.

Research approach

The investigation consisted of two parts: Initially, guideline-based, focused expert interviews were conducted with a total of eleven actors from the various strategy groups. This was followed by a standardised online survey of players from institutions, companies and civil society associations who have so far been involved. Questions included how further cooperation should be structured, which forms of work and cooperation are necessary for measures to be implemented and which other actors should be involved if necessary.

Background and results

In the “Master Plan 100% Climate Protection”, the City of Frankfurt am Main has worked out how to totally switch Frankfurt’s energy supply to renewable energies by 2050. However, this goal can only be achieved in cooperation with the surrounding region. In addition, many municipalities already have energy policy objectives. With the Regional Energy Concept, the City of Frankfurt and the FrankfurtRhineMain regional association want to decide on a common goal. This should complement formal regional planning and focus in particular on the cooperation between relevant public authorities, industry and the civil society. In order to continue the process that began in 2015, the City of Frankfurt intends, in cooperation with the regional association, to develop a concept for the further involvement of existing and possibly new players. The previous regular networking and exchange as part of the participation process have so far generally been assessed positively by the actors and are considered very important for the further process. They also enable mutual learning effects. In September 2018, the city of Frankfurt, the regional association and ISOE will bring up the results for discussion and will work out subsequent steps together with the stakeholders.


City of Frankfurt am Main – Energy Department


2017/09 – 2018/09