Agora “Verkehrswende” – Impulses for communication campaigns on Behaviour Change

In order to be successful the traffic transition requires not only rational arguments but also emotionality, enthusiasm and conviction. The complex messages of the traffic transition (e.g. multimodality, ecobalances) are difficult to convey to the public. In addition, sustainable changes in consumer behaviour are often inhibited by conflicting wishes and preferences. So far, scientific findings on communication and on possibilities of impacting behavioural changes have not been sufficiently implemented. Against this background, an interdisciplinary workshop as part of the consultancy project was held, which documented the current state of the art in science and practice on the subject of behavioural change and which also identified questions still unanswered. Subsequently, an impulse paper was produced which with the help of practical examples summarizes successful concepts to achieve behavioural changes. The paper will be presented to the public at an Agora traffic turn event in March 2019 in Berlin.


Agora Verkehrswende


Götz, Konrad/Georg Sunderer (2019): Neue Wege in die Verkehrswende. Impulse für Kommunikationskampagnen zum Behaviour Change. Berlin: Agora Verkehrswende

Götz, Konrad/Georg Sunderer (2019): New Roads to Sustainable Travel.Communication Strategies for Behaviour Change. Berlin: Agora Verkehrswende


2017/11 – 2019/03

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