Application platform for an automated forecasting of the daily water demand in Hamburg

The project team is developing an application platform for an automated forecasting of the daily water demand in the city of Hamburg at the level of individual supply zones. The aim is to generate reliable predictions for the development of water demand based on the forecast of the German Weather Service (DWD) and other influencing factors. The platform is used to optimize the operational management of Hamburger Wasserwerke GmbH (HWW).

Research approach

The project further develops the computer models that are presently used for daily water forecasting and embeds them into an application platform. The statistical models that are based on multiple linear regression and artificial neural networks use a variety of meteorological, calendar and socio-economic indicators to simulate water demand. Currently, the computer models have to be manually updated and evaluated. The aim of this project is to automate the simulations at short intervals and thus create an application platform that enables HWW’s employees to access the daily updated forecasts for their internal operational management of the supply infrastructure.


Water supply is a key component of public services. The last few years of drought have shown that water suppliers are facing new challenges, particularly with regard to the unprecedented scale of peak demand on hot summer days. In the drought year of 2018, some, mostly smaller, water suppliers reached their technical limits in terms of water extraction due to high demand and low groundwater levels. In light of this, it is crucial for water suppliers to obtain reliable forecasts on the development of water demand for the upcoming seven to ten days in order to be able to take appropriate precautions. Those precautions may include an adjustment of well delivery rates, the appropriate filling of water tanks holding reserves, and possible short-term appeals to the public in order to bridge a dry phase of several days.

This project provides Hamburger Wasserwerke as part of HAMBURG WASSER with a novel tool to support them in their proactive operational management.


The project "Automated forecasting of daily water demand in Hamburg" was commissioned by Hamburger Wasserwerke (HWW).


2024/04 – 2025/03