Expert report on the carbon balance of forests

On behalf of the HSE Südhessische Energie AG, ISOE is involved in compiling an expert report on the carbon balance of carbon-offset forestry projects.

Research approach

The project is being conducted within the LOEWE Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre (BiK-F). For the expert report, the literature on the carbon balance of forests is interdisciplinarily evaluated. On this basis, scientists can draw conclusions about the greenhouse gas storage capacity of forests. The aim is to determine to what degree reforestation measures can be said to compensate for carbon dioxide emissions. The team further analyses the literature on the impact of reforestation measures.  Based on these findings, suggestions are made as to how a universally recognised standard for forestry projects can be developed.


The aim of carbon-offset projects is to compensate for the emission of greenhouse gases by engaging in forestation, reforestation or forest conservation. Various suppliers are initiating forestry projects of this kind, with which, for example, companies may counterbalance the CO2 emissions created in their production processes or through air travel. Nation states also make use of carbon-offset projects in the form of emissions trading. The benefits of forestry projects are a subject of scientific and social debate.


HSE Südhessische Energie AG


2011/02 – 2011/06

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