Classification of consumption points in the supply area of HAMBURG WASSER

On behalf of HAMBURG WASSER, the project team is developing a new classification of types of consumptions points. So far, the consumption points have been classified as: private apartment, trade, industry etc. and are now being distinguished according to the trade branches as defined by the Federal Statistical Office. The aim is a more detailed recording of the customer base.

Research Approach

The over 700,000 consumption points in the supply area of HAMBURG WASSER have so far only roughly been distinguished according to so-called types of consumption points as for instance trade, industry, public institutions or private households. The scientists from ISOE are now re-classifying these consumption points according to a differentiated key that is adapted to the supply area. This key largely corresponds with the classification of trade branches introduced by the Federal Statistical Office in 2008. Since then, this key with its 20 main categories has been the basis of numerous economic statistics. Based on customer data, excerpts from the company data base of the chamber of commerce, and other business directories the scientists will determine the affiliation of a consumption point or a client to a particular trade branch. In the course of re-classification, the addresses of consumption points as well as their previous affiliation to household and non-household clients are checked and the quality of the re-classification is documented for further consultations with HAMBURG WASSER.


The team of scientists will link the consumption points to the companies in the supply area using a semi-automatic allocation based on names and addresses. The accordingly programmed algorithms are determining the quality of allocation based on various characteristics in a coded form that allows further processing. Finally, for a consumption point with a commercial allocation the key for the trade branch of the allocated enterprise is taken over from the company data base. Other consumption points like for instance private households are classified separately.


With the result of the re-classification of types of consumption points HAMBURG WASSER will in future be able to carry out a detailed analysis of its customer base which can also be used for the ongoing update of the water demand prognosis. For the water demand prognosis until 2045 for the supply area of HAMBURG WASSER the various consumer groups were for the first time defined according to the classification of trade branches of the Federal Statistical Office and for these classes a water demand prognosis was designed and carried out.


2016/10 – 2016/12