Leisure Traffic in Urban Areas in Switzerland

For urbanised areas in Switzerland, ISOE developed a target group model for leisure mobility. This consisted of measures to bring about more sustainable travel behaviour.

Research approach

The goal of the project was to devise strategies and measures capable of promoting a more sustainable form of leisure travel. Using the mobility styles approach, ISOE surveyed and analysed lifestyle-specific leisure preferences, mobility orientations and associated travel behaviour. This was based on a representative survey of just under 900 people.  Referring to the leisure mobility styles, scientists drew up target-group-specific measures and offerings for a more sustainable form of leisure travel and estimated the positive impact on the environment.

Project partners

Hochschule für Wirtschaft HSW Luzern, Institut für Tourismuswirtschaft (Lead)


Vereinigung Schweizerischer Verkehrsingenieure (SVI)


2006/06 – 2008/06