EcoLux – Sustainable Building and Housing in Luxemburg

In a social-ecological expertise, ISOE investigated ways in which the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg could reconcile its goals for climate, housing and social policy.

Research approach

The expertise identified basic conditions, instruments and approaches for a sustainable housing policy in Luxemburg and carried out a qualitative evaluation. The problem analysis was to serve as a basis for discussion on how to realign housing policy instruments in Luxembourg.

Scientists began by examining how housing policy instruments could be realigned to better accommodate ecological and social criteria. One priority was how to guarantee adequate living space for households on low and middle incomes. Another was how to ease the burden of living and energy costs for low-income households (strategies to combat "energy poverty").

Following on from this and by way of example, the team drew up recommendations for linking ecological with social objectives. Furthermore, scientists presented approaches to demonstrate how the existing instrument for housing policy could be optimised and taken further.

The recommendations were devised during several co-ordination sessions with clients and stakeholders from the field of social and environmental policy-making in Luxembourg.


Mouvement Ecologique Luxembourg, Chambre des Salariès Luxembourg (CSL), Caritas Luxemburg.


2010/08 – 2011/04

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