Evaluation of the "Brennpunkt Heizung" (Focus Heating) Campaign

ISOE evaluated the "Die Alte muss raus" campaign run by the Bremen-based company Energie-Konsens GmbH. The team examined the motivational barriers and obstacles preventing the renewal of heating systems.

Research approach

Through an informational and advisory campaign the Bremen-based company Energie-Konsens GmbH wanteds to sensitise house owners to heating systems as an issue requiring urgent attention. ISOE evaluated the "Die Alte muss raus" campaign and looked at the motivational barriers and obstacles standing in the way of replacing a heating system with a more energy-efficient model.

With the help of telephone interviews and focus groups, the project team established what type of information and advice consumers sought when it came to modernising their heating system. ISOE also determined public awareness of the information and advisory services on offer and studied people's rating of the advisory services and the ultimate impact of such advice on home owners' decision to modernise.

The results of the evaluation formed the basis for proposals to carry the campaign further.


Unlike solar panels or photvoltaics, the modernisation of heating systems is a topic that attracts little attention. Studies have shown that heating systems are kept in use for far longer periods than the life span originally intended by the manufacturers. In Germany, the average age of a heating system stands at around 25 years. It is not uncommon to find systems that have been in operation for 30 years and more. Experts therefore assume a considerable renovation backlog when it comes to the modernisation of heating systems.


Bremer Energie-Konsens GmbH


2005/08 – 2005/10