ZEM – Zero-Emission Mobility: Human Powered Mobility with Fun

The project provided the basis for the "Kopf an – Motor aus" ("Brain on – engine off") campaign run by the Federal Ministry of the Environment to get people to dispense with the car for short-distance travel. 

The campaign

The project aimed to reduce emissions over short distances. The intention was to convince and encourage urban dwellers to leave the car at home when travelling short distances. The target-group-specific, nation-wide motivational campaign Kopf an – Motor au addressed an attitude towards life in which zero-emission mobility was linked with fun and style. ZEM is part of the climate protection initiative of the Federal Ministry for the Environment and was headed by the fairkehr and Velokonzept agencies. 

Target group analysis

The ISOE team investigated communication models designed to bring about a change in behaviour and recommended target groups for the campaign. First of all, it analysed conditions under which people could be encouraged to move "from awareness to action" by means of communication. Secondly, the team determined potential target groups and how best to address them. This involved identifying factors that influence target group behaviour. Some examples are norms, personal benefit, and emotions. 


The campaign was intended to get people to change what in many cases had become routine travel behaviour on short distances. This way it was hoped that, besides reducing levels of CO2, it would also be possible to enhance the quality of life in towns and cities and improve people's health through increased exercise. 

Project partner

fairkehr GmbH
Velokonzept Saade GmbH


Federal Environment Ministry (BMU)


2008/07 – 2008/12