Communication to accompany the Ulm tram extension project

The project partners are organising the dialogue process and communication to accompany the Ulm tram extension.

Project outline

Ulm plans to add an extra line to its tram network. The aim is to involve citizens at the earliest possible stage of the planning process. The project partners comprising SIGNUM communication, team ewen and ISOE are working together on this project to shape the dialogue process and guarantee optimum communication.

The partners are taking stock of the social, spatial and transport situation by conducting expert interviews and evaluating documents. In a second stage, citizens are included in proceedings via dialogue-oriented focus groups. A third and final stage supports the agency in developing a communication concept to present the tramline as something attractive and appropriate for the city and the people.

Project partners

SIGNUM communication, Mannheim (overall project lead)
team ewen, Darmstadt


SWU Stadtwerke Ulm/Neu-Ulm GmbH


2011/05 – 2012/10