EUPOPP - Political Strategies and Tools to Promote Sustainable Consumption

In the EU project EUPOPP, seven research institutions are examining and evaluating political strategies and tools for sustainable consumption.

Research approach

In EUPOPP (Policies to Promote Sustainable Consumption Patterns), the partners involved take an interdisciplinary approach to investigating whether the political tools currently in place really do contribute towards more sustainable consumption patterns. The project focuses on home-living and nutrition.

Evaluating the tools

The scientists evaluate the tools and develop them further on the basis of trend analyses. The results are discussed in stakeholder workshops held parallel to the project, the objective being to show politicians and other decision-makers ways of reducing the negative effects of consumption on man and his environment.

Gender-specific impact and case studies

ISOE examined the impact of political tools and strategies from a gender-specific perspective. This was about looking at how the effect of such tools is influenced by the different life situations, experiences and needs of men and women, and how these aspects can be better factored in. Furthermore, ISOE was involved in a case study on the impact of the German Beverage Container Act.


At the 1992 UNCED conference in Rio de Janeiro, the issue of promoting sustainable production and consumption patterns was given a priority upgrade within the international political and research agenda. Consumption is a crucial lever via which to further sustainable development. Indeed, non-sustainable consumption involving the overexploitation of renewable resources and the deployment of non-renewable resources is one of the main causes of global environmental degradation. 

Cooperation partners

Öko-Institut e.V.
National Consumer Research Centre, Finland
University College London
Baltic Environmental Forum
ecoinstitut Barcelona
ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability


7th European Framework programme


2008/08 – 2011/07