tdPrax2 – transdisciplinary concepts and methods for research and higher education

In the tdPrax2 project, a network has been set up for in-depth work on the conceptual and methodological foundations of the transdisciplinary approach to scientific research.


In recent years, the ISOE scientists have put together a set of quality criteria and methods for integrating knowledge in transdisciplinary research, first and foremost in the projects EVALUNET — "Evaluation Network for Transdisciplinary Research" and "tdPrax – strengthening transdisciplinary research practice". The results are used for the Institute's own research work and have also been published for use by other scientists, most recently in the book "Methoden transdisziplinärer Forschung". 

Depending on the success of collaboration and on funding, the plan is for this development to culminate in a small fellowship program. In a sub-project on "Changes in Biodiversity", transdisciplinary research questions are being developed and co-operative agreements initiated at European level.

Project partner

Open network


Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), Funding programme Social-Ecological Research


2010/05 – 2012/03