MOVILIZATION – toward accessible cities

The project was set up to support eight cities in Latin America and Europe in implementing professional communication activities designed to boost cycle traffic.

Research approach

Any effective promotion of cycle traffic must include communication and image-enhancing measures. However, municipal planners rarely have the requisite budgets for such measures and do not generally tend to be experts in marketing.

For this reason, the scientific project partners sought to support the cities and regions in their efforts to realise effective public relations measures. The main focus was on boosting the image of cycling, creating road safety campaigns, and providing better information. Participation was subject to the cities developing a plan of action. The individual projects carried out in the cities served as a 'tool box' for similar projects elsewhere.


The precursor to this project was the urban network URB-AL (Urbes América Latina Europa), which brought together European and Latin American cities and their regions in order to stage an exchange of experiences and transfer of know-how on a series of traffic issues. From this arose a network devoted solely to promoting cycling traffic – and implementing MOVILIZATION. The overall network continues to exist today in the global urban network 'Cities for Mobility', which holds an annual congress in Stuttgart.

Project partners

International Bicycle Consultancy (IBC), Utrecht (Gesamtkoordination)
Universität Stuttgart, Institut für Straßen- und Verkehrswesen, Lehrstuhl Straßenplanung und Straßenbau/FOVUS

Participating cities/areas

Bezirk Atlanico/Kolumbien
Rio de Janeiro/Brasilien


Das Projekt "Movilization - towards accessible cities" wurde durch die Europäische Kommission, EUROPE AID Kooperationsbüro, Lateinamerikanisches Direktorat gefördert.


2005/03 – 2007/12

Contact person

 +49 69 7076919-38

Project team