Transdisciplinary Cognitive Integration

Scientific staff at ISOE developed the Social Ecology research programme, and, after a process of critical reflection, published the results as a book.

Research approach

With internal "capacity building" in mind, and aiming to position the programme firmly within the field of research, ISOE scientists drew up a comprehensive overview of social ecology: social ecology as a science born from an array of disciplines and developed into a form of integrated environmental and sustainability research.

Taking the basic considerations from the expertise on the funding of social-ecological research in Hesse from 1987, the team viewed, appraised and enhanced the existing agenda and methods of social ecology.

The results were published in book form:

Egon Becker, Thomas Jahn (Hg.) (2006): Soziale Ökologie. Grundzüge einer Wissenschaft von den gesellschaftlichen Naturverhältnissen. Campus Verlag: Frankfurt, New York.


Federal Ministry of Education and Research, funding programme Social Ecological Research


2001/05 – 2006/03