EcoTopTen - Ecological Product Innovation and Sustainable Consumption

With EcoTopTen, the project partners have developed an information platform that helps consumers to make sustainable purchase decisions.

Research approach

On, consumers can find details about sustainable products from ten areas including cars, bicycles, food and drink, clothing, and electricity. The recommended products are high quality and provide value for money as well as making ecological sense.

ISOE used social scientific methods drawn from consumer research to examine whether the products fulfil not only the objective requirements of quality and ecological soundness, but also the subjective desires of specific target groups (enjoyment, fun, etc.).
In developing the web platform, large- and small-scale companies and business associations were closely involved in the product development, empirical research or conceptual design of the campaign.

Cooperation partner

Öko-Institut Freiburg (lead)


Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), Federal Ministry of Food, Agricultur and Consumer Protection (BMELV)


2005/05 – 2007/03