Food Change

In this project, ISOE developed a typology of nutritional habits. From this it was possible to ascertain the need for action with regard to a "Food Change".

Research approach

In the ISOE sub-project 'Ernährung im Alltag' ('Everyday nutrition'), the team focused on turning around consumers' eating habits in their respective everyday lives. In a representative survey, scientists ascertained the orientations and behavioural patterns that shape everyday nutritional habits in Germany.

Four sectors were examined in the overall project: "Everyday nutrition" by ISOE, "Food and products", "Eating outside the home", and "Food and publicity". On the basis of these results, the team developed a typology of nutritional habits. 

Taking the typology of nutritional habits as a basis, the team ascertained the need for action to turn around people's eating habits.

Project partners

Öko-Institut e.V. (Lead)
Institut für ökologische Wirtschaftsforschung (IÖW)
Katalyse – Institut für angewandte Umweltforschung e.V.
Österreichisches Ökologie-Institut


Federal Ministry for Education and Research, funding programme Social-ecological Research


2002/07 – 2005/09

Contact person

 +49 69 7076919-19

Project team