Gender Mainstreaming in two Saxon Hospitals

The team developed a gender mainstreaming tool for two hospitals in Saxony in order to improve the reconcilability of work and private life for men and women. 

Research approach

The gender mainstreaming tool was introduced by way of example into two test hospitals in Saxony – the Oberlausitz-Klinken gGmbH and the St. Elisabeth-Krankenhaus in Leipzig. 

Scientists began by conducting a gender-related analysis of the organisational set-up, and then, together with those responsible, went on to identify areas in need of development. Taking these as their point of departure, they put concrete measures into practice in both hospitals. The aim of the gender mainstreaming tool is to give greater consideration to different lifestyles, plans for the future and needs of the male and female employees. A hospital should offer non-gender-biased, family-friendly conditions, structures, and procedures, not least in order to address the shortage of doctors.  

Project partners

Brigitte Wagner Unternehmensberatung, Frankfurt am Main
BIPS – Bremer Institut für Präventionsforschung und Sozialmedizin


Saxon State Ministry for Social Matters, European Social Fund (ESF)


2007/11 – 2008/11

Contact person

 +49 69 7076919-0

Project team