Gender Impact Assessment for the City of Bremen

ISOE examined the environmental funding programme of the of the Hanseatic City of Bremen’s Support Program for Applied Environmental Research using a gender impact assessment (GIA).

Research approach

With the GIA, scientists examined the processes involved in applying for project funding and implementing approved environmental research projects. This consisted of appraising the opportunities available for research access and project design, and the distribution of resources between the genders.  

The object was to promote stronger female participation in terms of the numbers of female scientists involved in projects and with regard to specifically female interests and life situations in designing project content. 

Project partners

Universität Bremen, Fachbereich Produktionstechnik und Zentrum für feministische Studien (Lead)


Applied Environmental Research Funds of Bremen


2002/03 – 2003/05

Contact person

 +49 69 7076919-0

Project team