Substitution of Environmental Relevant Flame Retardants

The team investigated the use of flame retardants in Germany on the basis of selected products. These included products from the categories of insulating material and polyurethane foam, construction materials for rail vehicles, printed circuit boards, basic materials for electronics housing, and mattress/upholstery fabrics. Scientists carried out integrative evaluations of the toxicological and eco-toxicological literature. Findings from the previous study on product line controlling formed the basis for analysis. The results were published in the UBA series.

Cooperation partners

Institut für Toxikologie der Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel


Federal Environment Agency (UBA)


Leisewitz, André/Hermann Kruse/Engelbert Schramm (2000): Erarbeitung von Bewertungsgrundlagen zur Substitution umweltrelvanter Flammschutzmittel. Band I: Ergebnisse und zusammenfassende Übersicht.UBA-Texte, 25. Berlin: Umweltbundesamt


1998/09 – 2000/08

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