IndUK – Individual environmental action and climate protection

Within the framework of the IndUK project, the research team is deepening scientific insights from four Social-ecological Research (SÖF) research projects of the BMBF-funding program on "Social dimensions of climate protection and climate change". In addition to the ISOE – Institute for Social-Ecological Research, which was responsible for managing the project ‘KlimaAlltag’, scientists from the SÖF projects EMIGMA, SPREAD and REBOUND are involved.

Research approach

In the collaborative project, the research team is combining the results from four completed individual projects in a methodically guided synthesis process. The aim is to create and use the synergies between already existing research results. First, the results on individual environmental action in relation to climate protection are determined and summarized in a matrix. Then the matrix is tested for interdisciplinary connectivity and transferability of results. The third step centers on deepening the knowledge on individual environmental behavior, in cooperation with practitioners and stakeholders, in two exemplary subject areas. In order to achieve this, the ISOE, together with the FH Dortmund, is working on activating, environment- and target group-oriented communication and counseling instruments, which focus on inducing climate-friendly changes in individual environmental behavior. This work package focuses on the exchange of knowledge with practitioners from environmental and migrant organizations, local climate protection facilities, as well as environmental and consumer counseling associations.


To solve the problem of climate change, it is vital that as many social actors as possible are committed to the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.. From natural sciences perspective alone these climate protection goals can’t be reached. To formulate action strategies it is rather vital to gain insights into the practical knowledge of the involved social actors. This is where social-ecological research forms an important bridge to the natural science research - by linking ecological, technological, economic and social aspects of sustainability research, and in particular of climate research, from a praxis-oriented perspective. The IndUK-project offers the opportunity to combine these socio-ecological perspectives and insights, and to identify synergies and gaps in this research area.


  • Center for Environmental Systems Research (CESR), University of Kassel
  • Department of Applied Social Sciences, Dortmund University of Applied Sciences
  • Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW), Department of Environmental and Resource Economics, Environmental Management


The project "IndUK – Individual environmental action and climate protection – integration of results and transdisciplinary use of findings from SÖF-research on the social dimensions of climate protection and climate change" is founded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) within the funding program social-ecological research.


Empowerment von MigrantInnen und Geringverdienenden zum Umwelt- und Klimaschutz. Ein Leitfaden für die Gestaltung aktivierender Maßnahmen. Martina Nies, Michael Kunkis, Marcel Hunecke, Esther Schietinger, Immanuel Stieß und Frank Waskow (2015). Frankfurt am Main/Dortmund Download (pdf)



2014/04 – 2014/12

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