Cognitive integration and innovation

Scientific innovations emerge in a dynamic research environment that is open to new ideas both internally and externally and in this project we are aiming to create the appropriate preconditions.

Research approach

Frankfurt Social Ecology provides the theoretical basis for ISOE’s empirical, problem-oriented research work. In this project we further develop this basis by integrating current advances that have been taking place in the relevant scientific fields. At the same time, we create a space that encourages the emergence of ideas for new concepts. What makes this project special is that all of the Institute’s research staff are involved. We therefore use the entire cognitive diversity of ISOE to enable scientific innovations. In order to systematically absorb impulses from ISOE’s scientific environment we have formed several teams. These teams first define their own state of knowledge in areas of social ecology such as “water” or “biodiversity” and then compare it with the state of international research. ISOE scientists will have the opportunity to experiment with their own new ideas in so-called innovation kitchens. For this purpose, they submit an internal application and can then freely conduct research for a limited period of time using working methods of their own choice. 

But “cognitive integration” also has a practical side: We want to particularly take care that our new scientific staff is enabled to successfully apply the basic concepts of social ecology. To this end, we offer specially tailored introductory seminars and regular jours fixes which promote the internal exchange of knowledge. 


Basic research is only possible to a limited extent within research projects aimed at solving concrete social problems. Therefore, in 2001 ISOE started the project series “Cognitive Integration and Innovation”. All projects of the series fulfil specific development tasks and yield concrete products such as books, article series in international journals and internal guidelines. 

Project coordination

keep it balanced (Dr. Florian Keil)


The “Cognitive Integration and Innovation” project is financed from the state’s institutional funding.


2018/04 – 2021/03