Noise Intermissions at Frankfurt Airport

In the project Noise Intermissions the scientists are investigating how the new utilization concept for the runways at Frankfurt airport that is aiming to achieve a noise reduction is assessed by the population.

Research Approach

Within this research project, ISOE is using qualitative methods to investigate if the population is informed about the concept of noise intermissions, if changes were perceived and possibly how these changes are assessed by the local residents. The empirical study directed at the focus groups is followed by a standardized, representative telephone survey which is carried out by ZEUS GmbH, Centre for Applied Psychology, Social and Environmental Research in Hagen. Together with other monitoring projects both studies are intended to help with the assessment of noise intermissions in practice.

The Concept of Noise Intermissions

Since April 2015 a new utilization concept for runways has been tested at Frankfurt airport as a pilot project which is aiming to achieve longer noise intermissions. In the process, certain runways are not being used one hour before the ban on night flight (10 to 11 pm) and one hour after (5 to 6 am). To achieve this objective, air traffic is bundled onto other runways. Like that, night’s resting hours for the population living in the vicinity of the approach routes will be extended to seven hours.


Traffic noise in the Rhine-Main region around Frankfurt airport and its effect on noise pollution and the population’s health has been discussed for years. Aviation noise is one of the focal points of activities of the Environmental Forum in Kelsterbach near Frankfurt. With the procurement of an empirical social-scientific perception and impact monitoring for ISOE and ZEUS the environmental forum wants to obtain a basis for assessing the concept of noise intermissions in practice.

Research partner

ZEUS GmbH, Centre for Applied Psychology, Social and Environmental Research


Gemeinnützige Umwelthaus GmbH, Kelsterbach


Götz, Konrad/Barbara Birzle-Harder/Dirk Schreckenberg/Sarah Benz/Frank Faulbaum/Lars Ninke (2016): Ergebnisse des Wahrnehmungs-Monitoring von Lärmpausen am Frankfurter Flughafen. Frankfurt am Main/Hagen/Duisburg


2015/09 – 2016/03