Knowledge transfer of the results of basic scientific research

Results from basic scientific research usually take a long time to find their way to practical application. Nevertheless, large research institutions are increasingly asking the question of how to reach actors from agriculture, process engineering or medicine, just to name a few. Here, the Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung (SGN) goes one step further by aiming to enter into an active dialogue with politics, administration, companies and associations in order not only to impart knowledge, but also to further develop it in line with current requirements even with a view to the development of application-ready products.

In the BMBF project “SMART – Senckenberg-Matrix zur Aktivierung bisher ungenutzter Ressourcen mit Transferpotenzial” (SMART – Senckenberg Matrix for the activation of hitherto unused resources with transfer potential), the basic structures are being created for this path. A process is being developed that enables to systematically record the transfer potential to be found within the framework of SGN research taking into account the knowledge needs of the target groups. In a first step, relevant research topics, competencies and methods as well as research results are integrated into a database. On this basis, potential transfer products will then be created. However, these will not only be developed in a supply-oriented manner, but will also be identified and conceptualized together with relevant actors.

ISOE's task at this point is to combine the knowledge needs and practical applications required in practice with Senckenberg’s scientific expertise in participatory co-design processes. In co-design workshops, research approaches are examined for their application potential, new (transdisciplinary) research questions are formulated, and transfer paths are identified. The aim is to promote an understanding between science and practice and to thus provide the basis for regular exchange and cooperation on the subject of knowledge transfer. 


The project is an assignment of the Senckenberg Society for Nature Research.


2018/08 – 2021/07

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