Water demand forecast 2030 (base year 2005) for Hamburg

In the Wasserbedarfsprognose 2030 project ('Water Demand Forecasting 2030'), ISOE and COOPERATIVE Darmstadt drew up a forecast for water demand in the area supplied by the Hamburg Waterworks (HWW).

Research approach

Scientists prepared a medium to long-term demand forecast covering the period up until 2030. For this they undertook spatially differentiated evaluations on the basis of a geographical information system (GIS). They also considered the social, technical and behaviour-based factors influencing water demand. The relevant groups of consumers and customers were taken into account in implementing the concept. To this end the team carried out empirical surveys amongst private and commercial customers as well as public facilities (e.g. hospitals, schools). The results were collated in the form of an integrated forecasting model.

Project partner

COOPERATIVE Infrastruktur und Umwelt Darmstadt


Hamburger Wasserwerke (HWW) GmbH


Kluge, Thomas/Jutta Deffner/Konrad Götz/Stefan Liehr/Bernhard Michel/Florian Michel/Wulf Rüthrich (2008): Integrierte Wasserbedarfsprognose - Teil 2: Grundlagen und Methodik. gwf-Wasser/Abwasser 149 (10), 764-772


2006/05 – 2007/04