ISOE Policy Briefs – new series on the results of sustainability research

Three Policy Briefs on current topics of sustainability research are constituting the start of a new series of ISOE – Institute for Social-Ecological Research publications. The policy briefs are summing up current research results concerning global phenomena and problems as for instance climate change, water scarcity or urbanization. Based on scientific findings, the dossiers offer sound analyses and recommendations for action for decision-makers, the media and interested members of the public.

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Example migration: In the debates on refugee flows across the Mediterranean Sea the Sahel Zone is often identified as problem region: the argument is that this is the starting point of the increasing refugee flows towards Europe triggered by natural catastrophes, environmental stress and climate change. However, empirical research carried out in the regions of Mali and Senegal show that the motives for population dynamics are more complex and that the political options for international, national, and regional decision makers have to be adapted accordingly.

The adaption to climate change is the subject of another ISOE Policy Brief: giving examples for many semi-arid regions of the world the publication shows how to secure the supply of the population with drinking and service water by using small scale technology for rain and floodwater harvesting as well as purified waste water – this requires the technological compo-nents to be sensibly linked to the local participative structures, governance and knowledge transfer.

The third Policy Brief presents results and recommendations for a sustainable mobility culture which is no longer just orientated towards motorized traffic. The dossier shows that bicycle traffic is an integral part of a sustainable mobility culture. In order to put this into practice, mainly political stakeholders have to be sensitized and the responsible urban and traffic planners need to get according education and training.
Research results for decision-makers, the media and interested members of the public

The ISOE Policy Briefs are not only addressing political decision-makers but also representatives from science and the media as well as interested members of the public. The dossiers that will consist of roughly five pages are published in irregular intervals and will provide background information on exemplary conflictual problems of sustainable development. They will be either in German or English depending on the respective national or international project alignment. The publications are now ready for download: