Ecosystems under climate change

The significance of socio-ecological tipping points for the savannahs of Namibia

Climate change is exacerbating water scarcity, especially in the arid regions of the world. Namibia, with its savannah landscapes, is particularly affected. These ecosystems are among the driest...

Environmental risks

Strategic communication on the risks of perpetual chemicals

PFAS – these four letters stand for the controversial group of substances known as perfluorinated and polyfluorinated alkyl substances. As they are water-, grease- and dirt-repellent, these chemicals...

Landschaft der mongolischen Steppe


Recognizing and avoiding ecological tipping points in the Mongolian steppe

Mongolia has one of the last intact steppe ecosystems with traditional land use and a remarkable biodiversity. The mobility of wild and domestic herd animals plays an important role in the survival of...


Flurina Schneider elected as new Ecornet spokesperson

Prof. Dr. Flurina Schneider, Scientific Director of ISOE – Institute for Social-Ecological Research, is the new co-spokesperson of Ecornet (Ecological Research Network). The network is an association...

CapTain Rain research project

How to adapt to heavy rainfall? Innovative solutions in Jordan

When it comes to extreme weather events, the impact of climate change is increasingly visible. As a result, effects such as flash floods caused by heavy rainfall have become more prominent in public...

Biodiversity research

Threatened insect diversity in nature reserves – recommendations from the DINA research project

The decline in insect populations has been documented for decades. In German nature reserves, too, insects are generally becoming fewer and a notably receding biodiversity can be observed. The...

Abstraktes Netzwerk (©

Transdisciplinary research

Added value for science

Transdisciplinary research aims to make a contribution to the understanding and promotion of social change. These societal effects account for the popularity of the research mode that involves...

New research project KomKlAn

What is the state of municipal climate adaptation in Germany?

Heat, drought and heavy rain: The consequences of climate change have long been clearly noticeable. Cities and municipalities are particularly affected, since flooding or heat islands within cities...

Landschaft mit Gewässer und Bäumen

Research network RobustNature

How the use of chemicals and biodiversity loss are connected

Science does not take a deep enough look at chemicals in the environment as one of the causes of the decline in biodiversity. Forty scientists in the RobustNature research network of Goethe University...


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