Sustainability research in the social media

The ISOE on Instagram

Today, more than one billion people worldwide are using the Instagram online service, with around 15 million in Germany alone. As a mixture of microblog and audio-visual platform, the channel appeals above all to target groups who appreciate the visual strength of short news reports. With its launch on Instagram, ISOE – Institute for Social-Ecological Research particularly addresses juveniles and young adults. 

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It is part of ISOE’s self-image to make the results of its sustainability research accessible to the general public. This is why the knowledge communication team at ISOE has been using social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo for several years now, in addition to the classic press and public relations formats. In order to reach those younger target groups, both nationally and internationally, who primarily use smartphones or tablets to obtain information, ISOE will now be launching Instagram this autumn. ISOE is thus one of the first sustainability research institutes in Germany to be present on Instagram.

For its presence at, ISOE has chosen a clear visual language. Anyone interested will find a quick and easy access to latest ISOE research results, background information and practical recommendations for everyday life on topics such as water, consumption, plastics, energy and climate protection, urban spaces, mobility and biodiversity. In addition, there are graphically clearly recognisable reports on dates and events as well as on current publications.

“Instagram is currently one of the most widely used media for juveniles and young adults when it comes to communication and information,” says Nicola Schuldt-Baumgart, Head of Knowledge Communication at ISOE. “Therefore it is necessary and obvious that in our communication we address the interest and knowledge needs of younger generations.” With the results of its application-oriented sustainability research, ISOE can provide answers to many of the questions that young people are asking today about sustainable consumption, the use of valuable resources, climate protection and biodiversity. Here, social media that are focused on a versatile dialogue, offer a suitable way of communication.