Empirical Social Research

With all ecological products and measures it is important to know people's opinion before developing them further. This means finding out whether they notice and appreciate an offering, what their wishes and attitudes are, and what they are willing to accept. Here we offer different methods taken from empirical social research. From these results you can conclude how to optimise your product or measure, or how best to address your target groups.

What we offer

We carry out standardised representative surveys on a national or regional scale. We cover all the necessary stages such as developing the questionnaire, organising, executing and checking the fieldwork, evaluating and interpreting the results and drawing conclusions (link to lifestyles and target groups).

Besides this we also offer simulated decision-making scenarios with the help of conjoint analyses to investigate areas such as the price people are willing to pay for things.

It makes sense to use qualitative methods when exploring new questions. But for product, concomitant and design research we work with in-depth interviews, focus groups and creative workshops. Our range of services includes preparation of discussion guides, field organisation and facilitation, the evaluation and interpretation of results, and the drawing of conclusions.

The benefits for you

  • You learn how acceptable the new offering is to people and what target groups exist in the market.
  • We analyse which socio-demographic factors and attitudes influence acceptance or rejection.
  • When it comes to changes in behaviour, we work out how this can be influenced.
  • We examine the symbolic and emotional sides of acceptance.


Contact person

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