With the help of evaluations, you can ascertain whether you have achieved your intended objectives via your particular programme or measure.  What is more, you are given pointers on blocking and inhibiting factors which you can use to optimise these programmes.

What we offer

The social and ecological impacts of communication campaigns and funding or consultancy programmes are particularly unappreciated when it comes to environmental and sustainability policies. An analysis of these impacts thus plays an important role, not least for the legitimation of the resources deployed.

ISOE possesses qualified expertise in target-group-related market and social research and the implementation of social empirical impact and acceptance analyses in the fields of energy and mobility. In addition, ISOE has played a leading role in devising methods for the formative evaluation of transdisciplinary research projects. Backed up by this broad methodological spectrum, ISOE prepares evaluations on:

  • services of information and consultancy
  • marketing campaigns
  • networks designed to improve expertise and qualifications
  • research programmes and projects

The benefits for you

  • Your receive insights into target-group-related acceptance of programmes, campaigns and offerings, and the behavioural changed triggered by this.
  • Upon request, we can link these studies to methods for analysing the economic and ecological effects.
  • You can pick up any undesirable side effects at an early stage and receive pointers on how to optimise programmes and offers.
  • Also crucial besides the results are the process qualities such as transparency, participation or social learning. You can use your evaluation for quality management and organisational development.


Contact person

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