Forecasts are crucial to the development of long-term strategies and the relevant decision-making processes. For instance, they enable you to see how political measures or consumer behaviour are likely to impact on your sector.

What we offer

In preparing our forecasts, we analyse underlying systemic contexts along with all the influencing factors and reciprocal effects. Based on this we then develop and validate adapted models with which to generate.

Depending on the question under review, forecasts may be qualitative or quantitative in nature: they can be used to predict trends or appraise paths of development. In tackling certain issues, it can also prove very useful to develop scenarios.

The benefits for you

  • You receive forecasts showing you development paths and trends.
    A clear description of the correlations enhances your systemic understanding.
  • For our forecasts we also believe in transparency when dealing with uncertainties.
  • Different forms of knowledge are taken into account by involving significant stakeholders.
  • We provide you with a clear portrayal of the main correlations with different procedures.

Contact person

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