Impact Assessment

We use impact assessment to test the effects and consequences of innovations and measures at the planning stage. In many cases, only individual test parameters (such as environmental aspects) are prescribed. However, to get a realistic picture it is necessary to consider the whole spectrum of ecological, social and economic impact and outcomes.

What we offer

Our impact assessments are specifically based on a transdisciplinary procedure. This means that we take a interdisciplinary approach to identifying, analysing, integrating and evaluating types of impact. Thus we are also able to take a systematic look at the correlations between individual parameters such as environmental and social acceptability. To this end we draw on our substantial experience of efficiency and impact analysis accumulated since 1993.

However we can concentrate on individual parameters as well. Take, for instance, the effects of a projected measure on gender mainstreaming.

We can combine impact assessment with participatory methods: this enables us to take into account not only stakeholders' values and norms but also their experiences, interests, views and preferences. 

The benefit for you

  • Early recognition of undesirable impacts and consequences improves the chances of success. Any negative outcomes can be avoided and positive effects enhanced.
  • We are able to ascertain for you whether your measures are likely to have the desired effect in future. To do this we tie in different scenarios with the impact assessment.
  • If desired, we can arrange for stakeholder participation. This enhances the robustness of the conclusions and can simplify your decision-making and implementation process.
  • In conjunction with you, we use impact assessment to develop practicable process and performance indicators for you sustainability report.


Contact person

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