Each decision on future action is based on incorporating past experiences, gauging the future, and weighing up alternatives. With the help of the scenario technique, we outline reliable assumptions as to what kind of future we face.

What we offer

We develop scenarios within moderated processes using diversely composed teams. Some typical fields of application are corporate and municipal strategy development, risk management, and impact assessment for political decisions.

In line with the particular task or problem at stake, we take recourse to different approaches (backcasting/forecasting, qualitative/quantitative) for developing scenarios.

On your behalf we involve experts from science and industry. We are  interested not only in anticipating but also in analysing possible developments in the future. Modelling can play an important supporting role here.

The benefits for you

  • You receive logically compelling and reliable future scenarios for your field or sector
  • You learn which factors influence future development and to what extent they can be controlled.
  • Through the scenarios you learn which developments are possible and which can be ruled out, along with the resulting consequences.
  • We develop particularly robust scenarios for you by involving the relevant stakeholders.


Contact person

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