Stakeholder Processes

Many measures have an influence on different stakeholders. The inclusion of such people in the relevant processes increases the legitimation and quality of decisions and solutions.

What we offer

Including different stakeholders in research processes is a core element of transdisciplinary research. We take up their various problems and, in working with stakeholders, tease out the significance of such problems to develop a mutual problem-solving perspective. ISOE provides the service of designing, implementing, accompanying and evaluating stakeholder dialogues for research, companies and organisations. Here we are also able to draw on the facilitation experience of ISOE staff.

The benefits for you

  • We organise for you the complete stakeholder dialogue, including preparation and follow-up
  • Upon request we combine the dialogue with further methods such as scenarios or modelling.
  • We tease out the different interests or values of stakeholders, which are then fed into the process of interpreting and evaluating debatable knowledge on any one issue. We make these different perspectives amenable to discursive agreement
  • You receive viable solutions to complex problems and questions by engaging the stakeholders.