Target Group Approaches and Lifestyle Research

Anyone offering products and services needs to be aware that the success of a green idea in today's competitive field depends on whether or not the core target group finds it attractive. Although target groups and lifestyles vary a great deal, they can be illustrated in good models that can then be used to design products and offerings to suit their respective target groups.

What we offer

On behalf of our clients we develop target group models based on a lifestyle approach. This includes the classic parameters such as income, education, age and gender. In addition, you discover which basic attitudes and stances are associated with the lifestyles of your target groups. Take, for example, offerings revolving around sustainability. Here it is important to know the attitudes of potential users towards the different means of transport.

By way of comparison with classic forms of target group research, we also identify the actual behaviour or product selection of the target group.

The benefits for you

  • Lifestyle target group models facilitate product development. They reveal clearly what the target group desires and what it finds attractive.  An added focus here is always on the practical and above all credible environmental benefit.
  • Target group models created in lifestyle research make it easier to communicate. They provide pointers on how to address people. And they show which side of their lifestyle consumers wish to convey by using certain products or behaving in certain ways.
  • With the lifestyle-based target group models it is also possible to determine opportunities for behavioural change. In other words, one can see where the motivations and barriers for certain behavioural patterns lie.
  • By bringing together target group models and scenarios, we are able to comment on whether measures are likely to have the desired effect.


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