Transdisciplinary research intertwines the quest for social solutions to problems with scientific advancements in knowledge. A defining feature of this research approach is the integration of different disciplines as well as the fusion of science and practical application. This entails connecting various forms of knowledge, concepts, languages, goals, and temporal logics.

This collaborative research presents novel challenges for both researchers and stakeholders. Therefore, we not only engage in transdisciplinary research but also stand out due to our explicit handling of the requirements, methods, and impacts of transdisciplinary research. In our exploration of transdisciplinarity, we develop theoretical-conceptual and methodological foundations that promote both high scientific quality and the intended social impacts of transdisciplinary research processes. We also provide guidance and support for research projects in structuring transdisciplinary collaborations, and we assist projects or institutions in analyzing their societal effects.

ISOE is a member of the ITD Alliance – Global Alliance for Inter- and Transdisciplinarity.