Consulting services

Our consulting expertise is based on the results of more than 30 years of transdisciplinary sustainability research in the following topic areas: water resources, land management, water infrastructure, risk, mobility, neighborhood development, everyday practices, climate change mitigation and adaptation, invasive species, urban biodiversity, transdisciplinary methods, transdisciplinary collaboration.

Management and strategy consulting

We advise our clients regarding changing research processes towards inter- and transdisciplinary research.

We support our clients in the redesign of work and planning processes and in shaping institutional transformation processes that aim at a new division of roles and tasks between the parties involved.

We support our clients in social-ecological change processes. For example, we develop climate adaptation strategies or strategies for neighborhood developments for municipalities. We develop recommendations for action and catalogs of measures as well as strategies and concepts in the areas of communication and knowledge transfer. 

Evaluation of research projects and processes

Another focus of our consulting services are formative (accompanying) and summative (assessing) evaluation formats. That is to say we accompany research projects and processes. The focus is on improving the conditions for high-quality research results. This includes initiating learning processes as well as improvements with regard to collaboration, organization and coordination, knowledge integration and other steps within the research process all of which are prerequisites for quality assurance and good management within research projects and processes. Here, we offer different formats that range from moderated project meetings to surveys via individual interviews or questionnaires.

Analyses and concept development 

We offer detailed analyses based on current research results. These include analyses of problem situations with the help of literature and document studies, media analyses, conflict analyses, risk analyses, vulnerability analyses, actor and stakeholder analyses, policy field analyses, qualitative and quantitative empirical surveys, for example to determine motivational, social and structural influencing factors, acceptance analyses and impact analyses.

Building on the results of our research, we also offer concepts for resource management, risk management, and the transformation of infrastructures (transport, water, energy). In doing so, we take into account the necessary technical and social innovations.

Finally, we advise our clients on the strategic and conceptual development of transfer offers. In the context of this knowledge transfer, we support the design of learning spaces that address the knowledge needs of the target groups with suitable formats.

Project support / coaching

We support research projects and project leaders in developing and expanding transdisciplinary competencies through our individual coaching services. This includes advice on certain fields of expertise, on project management or on how to deal with challenges regarding project management.

Capacity development

With our capacity development services, we address, among others, ministries at federal and state level, municipalities, research institutions, municipal enterprises, public authorities, business associations and companies. Based on our broad expertise, we identify training needs and develop recommendations for appropriate educational formats with regard to the organization’s specific features, methodology and organizational design.

We design training and education formats according to individual needs and the desired competencies and learning objectives, and we conduct education courses and seminars. In addition, we train young scientists and contribute our socio-ecological and transdisciplinary knowledge to the interdisciplinary design of study programs and courses as well as to vocational training and education.


Coordinator for Strategic Consultancy
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