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Publikationen - RARE - Corporate Social Responsibility in Europa



Rare Project (2007): Rhetoric and Reality - Corporate Social Responsibility in Europe. Research on the CSR impact on Sustainability. Berlin.

Schultz, Irmgard (2007): Case Study on Gender Equality through CSR in the Banking Sector. Working paper of RARE project. Frankfurt am Main.

Download (pdf, 243 kB)

Schultz, Irmgard (2007): Policy Paper on Gender Equality. Background paper on EU policies on gender equality in the private sector. Frankfurt am Main.

Download (pdf, 258 kB)

Schultz, Irmgard (2007): EU Goals Concerning Gender Equality: To What Extent Does CSR Contribute to Achieving Them? Frankfurt am Main.

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European Commission (2006): Implementing the Partnership for Growth and Jobs: Making Europe a pole of excellence on CSR. Communication from the Commission (COM) 136.

RARE project (2005): Corporate Social Responsibility: Integrating a business and societal governance perspective. The RARE project’s approach. Berlin.

European Commission (2004). ABC of the main instruments of Corporate Social Responsibility. Brussels.